We have moved to www.chewietags.com.au

We have moved to www.chewietags.com.au

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Featuring our popular pet tags.

New necklace & pendant design

Yes, we have new design! Love necklace with heart shaped pendant!

Loving this hollow heart pendant so much. So unique, simple & elegant. Top up with a simple necklace and gift it away!

Necklace and hollow heart pendant are silver toned. The hollow heart is made of combination of letters A,B,C to design out a hollow heart. How lovely & unique!

And you know what else you can add on to it??!!! A lovely handstamped tag of any kind! Recommended the size of 1/2" or 3/4" to stamped on a name or for mum or love, or any design stamps available on our website! We have some charms to add on too!

Introduction price of $10 only for the below design! Limited time only!

So shop with us! We have many more in store. Come over here >> SHOP! 

Necklace with lobster clasp & hollow heart pendant

1/2" tag with name and design, or 3/4" tag in sample zodiac

Lost pets found - pet tags ID important?

Have you lost a pet and don't know what to do? 

Shop with us! Click SHOP.

If your pet is microchipped, have a look at www.car.com.au & www.petregister.com.au to register your pet for easily found if lost. 

You'll get an ID number associate to your details with your pet's info.

Then, get a pet tag ID stamped with your information so that any person who finds your lost pet would simply call the registry number on the tag, quote your pet's unique ID number and the staff will quickly put you in touch with that person.

Great for owner who loves privacy but also want to get a pet tag ID!